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Terms and conditions

The website is the property of S.C. SANDRA FERRETTI S.R.L., headquartered in Romania, 1 Mihai Viteazu Street, Busteni, Prahova County, having the serial number in the Prahova Trade Register: J29 / 1232/2022, Unique Identifier at European Level (EUID): ROONRC.J29 / 1232/2022 and Unique Registration Code 46099388.
Use, visit, reservation or purchase of the products on the site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document. Given these and for the use, in the best conditions of the website it is recommended to read the complete document.

1. General Aspects

1.1. Access to and use of the site, including any page or component part thereof, or any Service provided through the Site may be made only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, which include the GDPR Policy, the Cookie Use Policy and Video Surveillance Policy (CCTV) which are also posted on the website.

1.2. In order to use the services, we may ask the user to agree to these Terms and Conditions by a specific action, which has the meaning of an unequivocal consent (e.g. ticking the specific box "I have read and agree to the site terms and conditions").

1.3. In order to ensure compliance with the conditions of access and use of the Services, Users must verify at the time of each access to the Site and the terms and conditions of use. Even if you fail to review the terms and conditions, but use, we will assume that you have accepted this set of Terms and Conditions (including any updates to it).

1.4. If you do not agree with the terms of this Terms and Conditions (including any updates to this set), please do not use, or discontinue, use, or the Services we provide, as the case.

1.5. We reserve the right to revise these terms at any time by modifying this page. Updated Terms will replace all previous versions of the Terms.



User - any natural person over the age of 16 or a legal person registered on the Site, who, by creating the Account, expresses his agreement on the site-specific clauses in the Terms and Conditions section, in order to place an order on the Site, viewing the products on the website, adding the products to the section - favorite products.

Buyer - any natural person over the age of 16 or a legal entity who creates an Account on the Site and places an Order.

Website - web domain and its subdomains.

Account - the section of the Site consisting of an email address and a password that allows the Buyer to send the Order and which contains information such as username, password, delivery address and order history. The user will ensure that all account information is accurate, complete and up to date.

Gift Card Online - the value ticket in secure electronic format / support issued by the Seller.

Online Communication - the communication between the Customer and the Seller through the website of his order / option to purchase the product that he added digitally in his virtual shopping cart on the website.

Favorites - section of the Account that allows the User to create Lists of products that he wants to follow in order to make a possible purchase.

Favorites list - the section of the Account where the User can add products that he wants to follow in order to make a possible purchase. The user can make changes to the List by adding or deleting products or transferring them to the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart - section of the Account where the User can add products they want to purchase.

Order - a purchase order from the Customer that takes the form of an electronic document and by which he sends to the Seller the intention to purchase a Product and / or Gift Cards Online.

Final beneficiary - the person who receives a Gift Card for capitalization and who finally benefits, in exchange for the value written on the Gift Card, from a product sold in the online store

Packaged Jewelry Beneficiary - The buyer who receives the packaged product at the delivery address communicated through the website.

Product - any goods to be supplied by the Seller to the final Beneficiary or Buyer. The goods to be delivered to the Final Beneficiary are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use specific to each trading partner and are available for consultation on the official websites of the partners.

Contract - represents the distance contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and the Buyer.

  • All information on the Website that can be visited, viewed or accessed using electronic equipment;
  • Any form of communication transmitted by the Seller to Users through any electronic or other means;
  • The content of any e-mail sent to Buyers by the Seller by electronic means and / or any other available means of communication;
  • Any information communicated by any means by an employee / collaborator of the Seller, the Buyer, according to the contact information, specified or not by him;
  • Information related to Gift Cards and / or their values ​​practiced by the Seller in a certain period;
  • Seller data or other privileged data.
Document – the present Terms and Conditions.

Newsletter - a means of periodic information, exclusively electronic, respectively electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) on Gift Cards and / or promotions carried out by the Seller or his business partners, during a certain period, without any commitment from the Seller with reference to the information contained therein.

Transaction - the collection or refund of an amount resulting from the sale of a product through the Site, depending on the method of payment or refund.

Product Delivery - information communicated in the section with the same name of the website, regarding the conditions under which the Seller delivers the ordered jewelry.

Mandatory Features - The mandatory features of the ordered jewelry, existing on the date of delivery and communicated in the section of the website "Delivery of Products".

Commercial Communications - Messages via the Website, e-mail, mobile phone in which the Seller sends to the User information regarding ongoing campaigns, current or future offers and promotions, retargeting campaigns, opinion polls or general information

2.1. The articles (texts + images) published by SC SANDRA FERRETTI SRL are under the protection of the laws on intellectual property rights (such as - but not limited to: Law No. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights, Law No. 84 / 1998 on trademarks and geographical indications). Reproduction of any written or illustrative material in these articles is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the publisher.

2.2. The Content, as defined in the Definitions and Terms, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, still images, dynamic images, video, text and / or multimedia content presented on the Website, are the exclusive property of the Seller, reserving to him all the rights obtained for this purpose directly or indirectly in accordance with the legislation in force.

2.3. Customer / Buyer is not permitted to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and / or otherwise alter, use, link to, display, include any Content in any context other than the original intended by Seller, include any Content in outside the Website, the removal of the signs that signify the copyright of the Seller on the Content as well as the participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content.

2.4. No Content transmitted to Customer or Buyer, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by him by accessing, visiting and / or viewing does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller and / or the employee / alleged Seller who mediated the transfer of Content, if any, to such Content.

2.5. Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this Document or the accompanying use agreement, if any, is prohibited.

3.1. By registering an Order on, the Buyer agrees to the form of communication (telephone and / or e-mail) through which the Seller carries out its commercial operations. Order confirmation means acceptance by the buyer of the Terms and Conditions.

3.2. The Buyer will receive from the Seller, after placing the Order, a notification on the e-mail address specified when creating the Account, a notification that has the role of information and does not represent the acceptance of the Order. This notification is made automatically, electronically (e-mail) or by telephone. The seller reserves the right to refuse orders without giving reasons.

3.3. The contract is considered concluded between the Seller and the Buyer upon receipt by the Buyer from the Seller, by e-mail and / or SMS of the order confirmation that the product has been delivered to the courier, or by sending the products.

3.4. The information provided by the Seller on the Website will form the basis of the Contract.

3.5. If the ordered product (s) are no longer in stock, the Seller will notify the Buyer of the situation and propose to the Buyer the extension of the delivery period until the product (s) are in stock, or other similar products. If the Buyer does not wish to purchase other products instead of the unavailable ones, or to accept an extended delivery time, the Seller will return to him the amount paid for the Initial Order, if any.

3.6. The seller's offer may be subject to change at any time without prior notice. Sandra Ferretti will not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies in the photos or graphic representations of the products displayed on the site. If you have questions about the products, you can, of course, contact the Customer Service Department by e-mail at

3.7. The data recorded by the site will establish the proof of all transactions operated between Sandra Ferretti and her clients. In the event of a dispute between Sandra Ferretti and one of its customers regarding a transaction made on the site, the data recorded by Sandra Ferretti are considered as indisputable proof of the content of the transaction.

4.1. Access to place an Order is permitted to any Customer / Buyer. The customer will use, during the interaction with the seller's representatives, an appropriate language, without insults, vulgarities, swearing or loud tones. He will be informed to adjust his behavior and, to the extent that he refuses to do so, the Seller's representatives may terminate the communication until the customer's behavior has been adjusted.

4.2. (Registered) users are solely responsible for the content of their messages.

4.3 The User may communicate with the Seller by accessing the Chat made available to him on the Site, or through the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers mentioned in the Contact section. The seller is free to use the data received from the User, according to the privacy policy, in order to conduct case studies, customer profile, customer behavior in order to improve services.

4.4. Communication with the Seller can be done by direct interaction with him or through the addresses mentioned in the "contact" section of the Website. The seller is free to manage the information received without having to justify it.

4.5. For non-compliance with these rules by Users, the Company reserves the right to prohibit access to the Site and / or any of the Services offered.

4.6. It is forbidden to broadcast defamatory, threatening, vulgar, obscene messages that urge racial hatred, malicious, inaccurate, or in any way contravene the law, both in the forum and elsewhere on the website.

4.7. In the event of an unusually high volume of traffic from an internet network, the Seller reserves the right to require Customers / Buyers to manually enter captcha validation codes in order to protect the information on the Website.

4.8. It is forbidden to claim to be another person, to represent another institution, or to falsely claim to be affiliated with another person or institution;

4.9. The seller may publish on the Website information about the Products or promotions practiced by him, in a certain period of time and within the limit of the available stock.

4.10. All prices related to the Products presented on the Website include VAT and are expressed in RON for Romania, EURO and USD for the countries where the payment is made in the two currencies.

4.11. In the case of online payments, the Seller is not and cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the Buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees charged by the issuing bank of his card, if the issuing currency differs from the currency of the Website. Any costs thus incurred are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

4.12. All information used on the Website for the description of the Products available on the Website (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations, videos, etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation of the Seller, these being used exclusively as a presentation.

5.1. By submitting information to or through the Site, you agree to the collection, processing and storage of your information as described in the Privacy Policy.
SANDRA FERRETTI processes your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU), Privacy Shield, as well as national data protection legislation.

5.2. SANDRA FERRETTI reserves the right to send an invitation to all its customers to participate in satisfaction surveys. Participation is always optional.

5.3. By using the contact form or the service present on the Site, the User declares that he agrees to be contacted by the Seller by any available means, by filling in the information in the contact data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and understand that this data is to be processed in the Seller's database in order to improve services and business relationships.

5.4. With the approval of the Customer, the Seller collects personal data such as name, surname, delivery and billing address, telephone number and e-mail in order to collect and process data for:
  • For the purpose of customer satisfaction and loyalty program;
  • For the purposes of the requirements of the tax and accounting legislation - to declare and calculate our sales;
  • In exceptional circumstances, SANDRA FERRETTI may process additional identifying information of yours to prevent financial fraud or identity theft;
  • Informing Customers / Buyers of the status of their Account including validation, dispatch of Orders, cancellation of Orders or issues of any kind related to an Order, or any other situation. The legal basis of these processing is the execution of the contract concluded with the Client. The personal data processed for this purpose will be stored by the Seller for the period for which he has the legal obligation to keep the financial-accounting documentation;
  • In order to correctly execute the delivery of your order;
  • Sending Newsletters and / or periodic alerts, using e-mail (e-mail, SMS). The legal basis of these processing is the consent of the Customer. Personal data processed for these purposes will be stored by the Seller until the Customer withdraws his consent;
  • In order to communicate clearly and accurately with you about the status of your order;
  • For the purpose of warranty during the product warranty period;
  • Market research, sales tracking and monitoring and Customer / Buyer behavior. The legal basis of these processing is the consent of the Customer. Personal data processed for these purposes will be stored by the Seller until the Customer withdraws his consent;
  • Exceptionally, SANDRA FRRETTI may process additional data, such as photos, videos and other media, for the purposes of various campaigns or lotteries, only in cases where customers participate in these events;
  • To be able to send our newsletter and promotional materials only if customers give their consent to it.

5.5. SANDRA FERRETTI collects the following personal information through the Site:
  • Contact information (name, surname, age, e-mail address, delivery address, telephone);
  • Username and password;
  • Comments and other types of content provided by the Customer;
  • Purchase details, including payment method and transaction number;
  • Customer information service - all types of communication and correspondence between you and our customer service;
  • The status of your order;
  • Information on personal interests;
  • Demographic information;
  • Location data (those derived from the IP address and delivery address);
  • Information about the customer's online activities (device information, browsing history and behavior) through the use of cookies
  • In exceptional circumstances, you may be asked to provide us with additional details regarding your identity card in order to certify your identity;
  • In a limited number of cases, we may invite you to provide us with photos, videos, or other information if you wish to participate in our contests, campaigns, or other events;
  • SANDRA FERRETTI does not process or store data from bank cards or other financial instruments;
  • SANDRA FERRETTI processes your personal data necessary to comply with the requirements of tax, financial or other legislation.

5.6. By completing the data in the Account and / or Order creation form, the Buyer gives his express and unequivocal consent to all such personal data being processed for the purposes set out in point 5.4 above.

5.7. The period of time for which your personal data will be stored:
SANDRA FERRETTI stores the personal data that you sent to us during the registration of your account on our site, in the following situations:
  • As long as your account remains active;
  • Until the Client withdraws his consent;
  • During the period for which the Seller has the legal obligation to keep the financial-accounting documentation.

5.8. In the case of processing personal data based on the consent of the Customer, the latter has the right to withdraw his consent at any time by a simple email to Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously performed.

5.9. By submitting information or materials through, you grant the Seller unrestricted and irrevocable access to them, the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute such materials or information. You also agree that Seller may freely use, in its own interest, such information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you have sent to us through SANDRA FERRETTI will not be subject to any obligations regarding the confidentiality of the information sent, unless the legislation in force provides for other specifications to that effect.

5.10. Regarding cookies, please refer to the Cookies Policy displayed on the website

5.11. Regarding the general provisions on the protection of personal data, please refer to the GDPR Policy posted on the website

6.1. SANDRA FERRETTI guarantees that we will take all administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, access, disclosure or accidental, illegal or unauthorized use. The Seller will maintain the confidentiality of any information that the Customer provides to the Customer.

6.2. SANDRA FERRETTI does not provide your personal data to outsiders unless this is legally required or except for the operational needs listed below:
  • courier service providers;
  • marketing service providers;
  • payment / banking service providers or other services provided by companies with which we can develop joint bidding programs on the market;
  • insurers.
6.3. The personal information of the Buyer may be provided to the Romanian Police, courts, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and other competent state bodies, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of expressly formulated requests.

6.4. SANDRA FERRETTI provides you with the name, address and telephone number of the courier company that delivers the product to you.

6.5. In exceptional circumstances, SANDRA FERRETTI may verify your personal information by payment service providers to prevent financial fraud or identity theft.

6.6. SANDRA FERRETTI transfers the necessary personal data to accounting service providers, as well as to tax agencies and other government institutions, where this is required by specific legislation.

6.7. SANDRA FERRETTI guarantees that we do not contact anyone other than those mentioned in this privacy policy regarding your order.

6.8 SANDRA FERRETTI warrants that we do not require our customers to disclose their password to use SANDRA FERRETTI does not require our customers to disclose data from their bank accounts or other financial instruments. Any requests made by phone, chat or email will be ignored.

If anyone has made such a request to you, please contact and inform SANDRA FERRETTI immediately.

6.9. SANDRA FERRETTI has adopted its own rules of internal ethics for the processing of personal data, and our employees have undergone special training on the principles of GDPR. We secure the site and other systems by using technical and organizational measures against the loss, destruction, access, alteration or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. Despite regular checks, full protection against all threats is impossible.

6.10. Our recommendations for the protection of your personal data:
  • Keep your password secure and do not pass it on to others;
  • If you use a public computer, always make sure that you log out of the account before turning off the computer.

6.11. As a data subject, you have the right to:
  • Requesting the deletion of your personal data if you deem it no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed. Please note that this right cannot be exercised if the special law expressly provides for the maintenance of a fixed period.
  • To request the rectification of inaccurate personal data, in cases where it does not correspond to the truth.

7.1. The company does not guarantee that the information contained on the Site is fully complete or accurate;

7.2. Use of the Content constitutes your acceptance of any changes to the Website Terms and Conditions and / or updated versions of the Website Terms and Conditions.

7.3. The company does not guarantee that the information entered by the users of the website is real, correct and does not assume responsibility for the way in which visitors use it;

7.4. The company does not guarantee that the information or services on the Site will satisfy all the requirements of the visitors.

7.5. By using the Content and / or placing Orders on the site, the Customer expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Website in the latest updated version that is communicated within the Website, the existence at the time of use of the content and / or on the date of placing the Order.

7.6. The company does not assume responsibility for the results obtained by visitors as a result of using the information or services on the Site; the use of the information and services on the Site is at your own risk.

7.7. The Terms and Conditions of the Website may be modified at any time by the Seller, which are enforceable against Customers from the date of posting on the Website. Acceptance of the Website Terms and Conditions is confirmed by sending the Order and / or making an online payment.

7.8. The company does not guarantee that the services on the Site will operate constantly, uninterruptedly, without errors.

7.9. SANDRA FERRETTI cannot be held responsible for any errors on the Website for any reason, including changes, settings, etc., which are not made by the administrator of the Website.

7.10. The company does not assume any responsibility for any damage that Users may suffer due to temporary or malfunctioning of the site or for the use of information obtained by using the links from the Site to other sites (their use is at the discretion of Users ).

7.11. SANDRA FERRETTI cannot be held liable for any damages that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the Seller's fulfillment of any of its obligations under the Order and for damages resulting from the use of Gift Cards, in particular for their loss. .

7.12. In case of discrepancy or misunderstanding between Seller and Customer, the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of registration on the Website will apply.

8.1. All materials used on the website are the intellectual property of the Seller. The content, as defined in the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, still images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content presented on the Website, are the exclusive property of the Seller, reserving to him all the rights obtained for this purpose directly or indirectly in accordance with the legislation in force.

8.2. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publish, transfer, alter, use, any Content in any context other than the original intended by the Seller, the removal of signs meaning the Seller's copyright to the Content, the removal of the Sellers meaning the Seller's copyright to the Content as well as participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content.

8.3. You may copy, transfer and / or use the Content only for personal or non-commercial purposes only if it does not conflict with the terms and conditions.

8.4. Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this Document or the accompanying use agreement, if any, is prohibited.

9.1. The Customer can place Orders on the Website, by adding the desired Products and / or Online Gift Cards to the shopping cart, following to complete the Order and make the payment in one of the ways expressly indicated. Any product added to the Shopping Cart is available for purchase to the extent that it is in the Seller's stock. Adding a product to your shopping cart without completing the order does not constitute order registration or automatic booking of the product.

9.2. By completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that all data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the date of placing the Order.

9.3. By completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that the Seller may contact him, by any means available / agreed by the Seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Buyer.

9.4. The Seller may cancel the Order placed by the Buyer, subject to prior notice if the notification is possible, addressed to the Buyer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other party in the following cases:
  • Non-acceptance of the transaction by the issuing bank of the Buyer's card;
  • Invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by the Seller;
  • The data provided by the Customer / Buyer on are incomplete and / or incorrect.

10.1. The delivery time of the gold bars is estimated at 25 (twenty-five) working days from the day of placing the order by the Customer, except for the ingots we have in stock.

10.2. The delivery time mentioned above may be postponed depending on the delivery time of the gold bars by our external suppliers who may face unforeseen circumstances. SANDRA FERRETTI cannot assume any responsibility in these cases.

10.3. The seller will take all necessary measures and will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the products are delivered within the time limit mentioned in point 10.1 above. Depending on availability, the Seller may deliver to the Buyer, with prior notice, ingots from another manufacturer, the ingots respecting the same weight and the same quality of gold.


11.1. The values ​​displayed on the website are expressed in RON for Romania and EUR and USD for countries outside Romania, according to the legal provisions in force at the time of marketing of these products and / or services. The final value paid by the Customer consists of the value of the product and / or delivery costs, discounts valid on the date of delivery of products or services, plus value added tax (VAT). The related shipping costs are detailed on before placing the Order by the Customer. Prices are subject to change.

11.2. SANDRA FERRETTI will make every effort to provide you with the correct information regarding the price and features of the products. Some features and / or prices may be wrong due to human error. In the event of a price error or incorrect product information, due to any typographical or system error, SANDRA FERRETTI reserves the right to cancel any order placed with erroneous information, without additional obligations to the customer, even after receiving a order confirmations or a delivery notification.

11.3. The final amount and payment method are specified in each Order. SANDRA FERRETTI will issue to the Buyer an order summary for the Online Products, the Buyer's obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the payment summary according to the legislation in force.

11.4. SANDRA FERRETTI will send to the Buyer the summary related to the Order containing the Products sold, as well as for the payments related to the Order, exclusively in electronic format, by e-mail, to the e-mail address mentioned by the Buyer in his order. For a correct communication of the summary related to the Order, the Buyer has the obligations to correctly fill in the e-mail address at the time of the order.

11.5. The processing of bank card data will be done exclusively by the payment processor, the provider not requesting and not storing such information.

11.6. In the case of the 3D Secure system for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, the data related to your card are entered directly into the Visa or MasterCard systems, and if your card was issued by a bank certified in the 3D Secure system, the authorization of the transaction it is done only after your authentication in this system - the introduction of a secret code / password known only to you, similar to the PIN code for ATM transactions.

11.7. Upon completion of the Order, SANDRA FERRETTI will issue to the Buyer an invoice for the delivered products, based on the data provided by him, according to the legislation in force. In this case, we inform you that based on the contractual relations between SC Sandra Ferretti SRL and the company you represent, respectively the natural person, as the case may be, that personal data (name, surname, fiscal registration data for companies, address, CNP and CI data, if applicable), are processed for tax-accounting purposes. The data transmitted above constitute essential elements in the issuance and registration of fiscal documents according to the legal provisions of art. 319 and others of the Fiscal Code for fiscal invoice, as well as subsequently, in order to comply with the applicable legal obligations regarding archiving, since, according to art. 25 of the Accounting Law no. 82/1991, the invoices are archived for a period of 10 years. There may also be situations where the law requires us to allow access to fiscal and judicial supervisors.

11.8. Your consent to the processing of your personal data is voluntary. However, if you refuse to express this consent, it will become impossible to issue the required documents, respectively to conduct business relations between the Seller and the Buyer.

11.9. In order to protect the personal data which you have entrusted to us and in view of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 27 April 2016 and entered into force on 25 May 2018, we inform you that in accordance with the above-mention regulation, as well as other applicable national legal provisions, you have the following rights: to access, rectify and, without infringing the tax provisions in force, to delete your data, the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of data and the right to oppose data processing, the right to restrict / limit processing, the right to data portability, the right to obtain human intervention in the event of an individual automated decision and the right to lodge a complaint with the data processing supervisor and other rights applicable. For a full analysis of the GDPR Policy, please review the website.

If an order is registered in which the product has the wrong characteristics due to a human or technical error, SANDRA FERRETTI will make every effort to deliver a product with characteristics similar to the ordered product. If the Buyer does not agree with this solution, SANDRA FERRETTI has the right to cancel this order.

13.1. SANDRA FERRETTI will ensure the proper packaging of the products for optimal handling and the transmission of the necessary documents for delivery.

13.2. We ship throughout Romania through our partners: Fan Courier, DPD, SAMEDAY, DHL. We reserve the right not to ship Sandra Ferretti products by Romanian Post. We ship Sandra Ferretti products, through our partner DHL, to all EU member states as well as non-EU countries. In the case of non-EU countries, customs duties will be applied in accordance with the tax policy of each country.

13.3. Each delivered product will have the following "mandatory features": it will have all the characteristic elements conforming to those of the model presented on the website and will have an original label, will be accompanied by instructions on product care and warranty conditions, packaged and sealed, (the outer packaging of the products is considered a seal, sealed with a personalized sticker with the logo "SANDRA FERRETTI"). Unless otherwise stated, for environmental protection reasons, we attach the product tax invoice to the customer's account.

13.4. Upon receipt of the package, the recipient must verify its integrity, including the integrity of the sticker stating: "Please reject the package if this tape and / or the package has been damaged and complete the refusal report.".

13.5. The recipient of the package has the right not to accept and request the return of the package if he notices signs of damage and / or violation of it (unsealed package, deformed package, broken package, wet package or with traces of moisture, etc.).

13.6. All mentions regarding any issues regarding the integrity of the parcels will be made in writing, in the presence of the courier company's agent or will be made on a statement of findings that will be concluded with this agent. Only in such cases can the receipt and payment of the package be refused. Any subsequent complaints regarding such matters will no longer be considered.

13.7. Please check your package before accepting delivery. If the package was damaged during transportation, refuse the package and delivery note and immediately file a claim against the courier company. Sandra Ferretti is not responsible for any subsequent claims for damage to the package during transport, in the event that you have signed the courier's receipt and received the package.

13.8. Please make sure the shipping address is correct and complete, as we cannot forward the order once it has been picked up from Sandra Ferretti.

13.9. All Sandra Ferretti products shipped internationally are 100% insured.

13.10. Shipping costs. Standard delivery of your order is free for prepaid orders. For orders with payment on delivery, the cost of transport in Romania is 19 RON. Delivery involving extra mileage, as evidenced by courier applications, is borne by the buyer.

13.11. Please make sure you can receive your package during delivery.

13.12. On the day of delivery of the package, the courier company agent will contact the customer by e-mail / SMS or telephone to indicate the delivery time. If the courier company agent fails to contact the customer, he will proceed to a second successive notice (next business day), informing you accordingly. If the second delivery attempt fails, your package will be returned to the Company and the delivery of the order will be canceled, and you can pick up your products in person at the Company's headquarters, or at one of the Company's stores. At the same time, if your package has been returned to the sender, or to the courier's warehouse, due to your unavailability at the delivery address, Sandra Ferretti reserves the right to charge the customer for the costs of a new delivery.

13.13. Delivery time. If the product is in our stock, the delivery time is between 24 hours and a maximum of 7 working days.

13.14. When you make your purchase, you will receive an estimated delivery date. Please note that the estimated delivery date is not a guaranteed delivery date for the products you order. The date is calculated automatically taking into account the total time required to produce, deliver and place your order.

13.15. Delivery to more distant locations may take longer. Sandra Ferretti does not take responsibility for delays when delivering to island locations.

13.16. If your order is paid by bank transfer, or if your payment is not made immediately, the estimated delivery time will be calculated from the date of receipt of payment.

13.17. You will be notified when your package leaves our headquarters and a tracking number will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you made your purchase.

13.18. Sandra Ferretti assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen parcels after delivery.

13.19. In case of any problems, Sandra Ferretti stays in touch with the courier company so that she can solve them quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible for you.

13.20. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Online Gift Card online, by E-mail and / or SMS mobile phone all the data regarding the Online Gift Card, according to the options and data transmitted by the Customer.

13.21. The Seller will deliver the Gift Card Online by E-mail or SMS mobile phone, regardless of the location of the Buyer.

13.22. The rules mentioned above do not affect the customer's right, as a consumer, to return the product according to the provisions of Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals.

14.1. For all purchases made online, customers have a period of 14 calendar days to return. Customized products cannot be returned.

14.2. For purchases made both in SANDRA FERRETTI physical stores and online, the customer has a period of 30 calendar days from the date of purchase of the product, in which he can replace it, in any of the points of work / physical stores of the Seller, with any other product in the store with a value at least equal to the value of the product originally purchased, only on the basis of the tax receipt and only if it has not been worn and shows no signs of wear.

14.3. Before the expiration of the withdrawal period, the Buyer will inform the Seller of his intention to withdraw from the contract by filling in the return form displayed on the Site or by sending an e-mail.

14.4. In case of return or exchange of product, the shipping cost is borne by the customer.

14.5. We reserve the right not to accept multiple returns for the same customer.

14.6. Regarding the return of the products and the reimbursement of the equivalent value, they can be made only on the basis of the tax receipt and only in the store where it was purchased, in accordance with the legal provisions of GEO no. 140/2021 on certain aspects of contracts for the sale of goods, namely: the refund of the value of the product is granted only if it has a manufacturing defect that is not attributable to the buyer and the product can not be brought into compliance (repaired) or cannot be replaced with a new, identical product.

14.7. If the product does not match your wishes, you can request to replace it with another piece of jewelry available in our stock. The return can be made in maximum 14 calendar days from the purchase, and the exchange in maximum 30 calendar days from the purchase, only if the products have not been worn and do not show signs of wear caused by improper handling, are in their original condition, no have been damaged, have all their original packaging and accessories attached, and show no signs of use.

14.8. For online and in-store orders, we accept the following options:
  • exchange of the product with another product, of equal or greater value;
  • exchange of the product with a voucher with an equivalent amount;
  • return of money
14.9. Only jewelry accompanied by promotional materials related to the value of the transaction (cloth, mirror, other promotional items) will be accepted for return.

14.10. We would like to inform you that Sandra Ferretti returns to the customer the amount paid for the purchased product, but not the commissions related to third parties (bank transfer, paypal, mobilpay, exchange rate differences, transport, etc.).

14.11. Sandra Ferretti assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of items in transit from customer to us.

14.12. If the customer requests a return, the product can be returned only in the same way in which it was purchased: online - by express courier.

14.13. Personalized jewelry, due to the fact that it is created and made to order, cannot be returned (according to the legislation in force). Jewelry that is created and made to order only cannot be returned.

14.14. In the case of rings whose size can be modified, the customer can request this service within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. The modification procedure is free for all jewelry, the additional costs being charged only if it is necessary to add material (gold) to increase the diameter of the jewelry. The cost will be calculated based on the weight / amount of gold added.

14.15. The value of the returned products will be refunded within a maximum of 30 working days from the completion of the return procedure, carried out by the quality control team Sandra Ferretti, by bank transfer to the IBAN account specified in the return form.

14.16. We can only exchange a piece of jewelry for another product with the same or higher value. The re-delivery time depends on the chosen product, if we have it in stock or we have to make it to order. If you want to exchange one product for another that we do not have in stock, the amount already paid may remain in the customer's account until the product is available for purchase. If the new desired product is more expensive than the returned one, you will have to pay the required difference.

14.17. In the case of a jewelry received as a gift, which the customer does not want to keep, we provide you with a replacement with another product of similar value. The returned product must be accompanied by the warranty certificate, invoice, within 30 days from the date of purchase.

14.18. In case of purchasing a gift card / voucher, we do not accept the refund of the financial value. Once purchased, the Online Gift Card cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, it can only be used to purchase any product that the Company has in stock at the time the cardholder presents it.

14.19. If the value of the product chosen by the person presenting the gift card exceeds its value, that person must pay the difference (cash or bank transfer). The Online Gift Card must be used in its entirety for a single purchase (whether it concerns one or more products) and cannot be used only partially. If the full value of the gift card is not used, the Company has no obligation and will not refund or offer to that person the amount of money related to the unused difference.

14.20. The buyer will not be able to return the purchased products and / or will not claim any other compensation, in the following situations:
  • The return request is made after the deadline of 14 calendar days;
  • The returned product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered, accompanied by the related documents.
14.21. The buyer will be informed in the order confirmation email if it is returnable or not and if there are any costs in case of return.

14.22. If the Buyer does not return the products properly packaged for handling, the courier appointed by the Seller to pick it up at his own expense is entitled to refuse to pick up the package.

14.23. If the Buyer chooses a different way to return than the one agreed by the Seller, the Buyer is responsible for any packaging and handling irregularities found upon receipt of the return.

14.24. If the payment for the purchased good was made online by the Buyer, the Seller will refund to the Buyer the amount received within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal request from him, by bank transfer to the IBAN account from which made online payment.

14.25. The seller guarantees free repair of hidden manufacturing defects (fixing of stones, earring locks as well as inconsistency with the characteristics of the jewelry purchased), excluding damage caused by various accidents (leaking or hitting jewelry), lack of care, misbehavior or misrepresentation. and mentioned in the instruction for the care of jewelry, etc. The appearance of scratches (red, white, yellow gold) and / or the erasure of the outer layer of rhodium (white gold), the erasure of the gold coating on the silver items on the surface of the jewelry is not considered a defect or manufacturing defect. Jewelry repairs in case of defects in manufacturing will be carried out free of charge. For defects in the cases listed above, repairs will be made on the basis of an additional fee.

14.26. The return request will be made by the Buyer.

15.1. Sandra Ferretti delivers the highest quality products and is committed to satisfying our customers 100%. All products sold by the Seller benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania.

15.2. Consumer rights comply with art. 16 (1) of Law 449/2003 (12). Consumer rights are not affected by the warranty conditions. Consumer rights are in accordance with the provisions of art. 11 (8) of GEO no. 140/2021.

15.3. The warranty period for Sandra Ferretti gold jewelry is two years after purchase.

15.4. The authenticity and characteristics of the precious material, 14K gold (585 ‰) / 18K gold (750 ‰), as well as the precious stones inlaid in the jewelry frame are guaranteed for life.

15.5. Consumer rights are not affected by the warranty conditions set out in the Warranty Certificate. Through the guarantee certificate, we assure you that SANDRA FERRETTI jewelry is marked in accordance with its own guarantee mark and title mark, which is authorized by the National Authority for Consumer Protection - Directorate for Precious Metals. This guarantee guarantees that the jewelry is made of gold.

15.6. The warranty certificate gives the customer the opportunity to change the jewelry within 30 days and to repair it within 24 months, if it has manufacturing defects.

15.7. Gold can be yellow, white or pink. Gold is obtained by alloying the precious metal with a mixture of metals that gives it its specific hue. To enhance the luster of white gold jewelry, they are coated with rhodium. The rhodium layer can wear out in 6-12 months, and the jewelry can lose its shine. Zirconium stones can fade over time.

15.8. All repair requests are subject to inspection by our Quality Assurance team before the request is processed. If our Quality Assurance team finds that the damage was not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and let you know if any of Sandra Ferretti's repair services are available at cost or otherwise.

15.9. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover the following: excessive or improper wear, scratches, broken jewelry, discoloration due to exposure to chemicals, makeup, swimming pools, hot tubs (jacuzzi) or bath, various accidents, negligence, wear and tear, improper use, punctures or breakage caused general wear and tear or misuse, bent, caught or worn in the claw area, which allows the stone to fall or be lost due to negligence or other damage, the stone (s) lost or stolen, or other factors unrelated to the defects of material or labor.

15.10. For defects that cannot be covered by the warranty, repairs will be made at an additional cost, depending on the complexity of the repair.

15.11. The pick-up / delivery time of a jewel left to be repaired / replaced is 30 working days from the moment of processing. The cost of transportation is borne by the customer.

15.12. The customer has the opportunity to change the product only once within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, only by presenting the tax receipt or invoice (in the case of online orders) and only if the product has not been worn and shows no signs of wear due to improper handling.

15.13. The warranty is void and unenforceable if the product has been modified in any way, including engraving, resizing or repairing by a third party, such as a jeweler or person other than Sandra Ferretti.

15.14. If any part of the jewelry (including but not limited to stones, chains, clips, etc.) falls off, it should be returned with its parts before any attempt is made to repair it. Sandra Ferretti assumes no liability for missing parts or stones.

15.15. Sandra Ferretti jewelry is marked in accordance with the legislation in force, under the guidance and control of the National Authority for Consumer Protection - Directorate for Precious Metals.

15.16. For jewelry adorned with stones, in case of detachment / fall during the warranty period, Sandra Ferretti will replace them free of charge, within 30 working days, only in situations where this is not attributable to the Buyer and provided you have fallen stone.

15.17. Keep in mind that the following are the characteristics of the product and cannot be considered defective: some irregularities and variations of the craft, the natural characteristics of the metal or precious stones (such as color, internal inclusions, etc.)

Ownership of the products will be transferred upon delivery, after payment has been made by the Buyer to the address indicated in the Order. Delivery means the signing of the receipt of the transport document provided by the courier or the signing of the receipt on the fiscal invoice, or the receipt of the fiscal receipt in case of picking up the products from the physical locations of the Seller.

17.1. The customer is responsible for checking the product (s) immediately after delivery, in the presence of the courier, to determine compliance with the order. If there are any discrepancies, the customer should not accept the package and must describe any defects (eg traces of handling, damaged products, missing products or items, or products other than those ordered and / or indicated in the transport document) in writing directly based on the statement taken by the carrier. Please note that the risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the purchased item - including during transport - is transferred to the customer when the item is delivered.

17.2. With regard to the seller, the risk of accidental loss or damage of the products is transferred to the contractor on transfer, or, in the case of forwarded transactions, if the products are handed over to the carrier, freight forwarder, or any other party responsible for carrying out the shipment.

17.3. A refusal by either the customer or the seller to accept delivery will be considered a transfer.

17.4. Placing an order confirms an unconditional agreement to which the customer is responsible for paying any additional duties, customs duties if applicable. Customs duties are not included in the displayed price of the product or in the shopping cart.

18. Fraud
18.1. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to the website, including but not limited to any attempt to access the personal data of another user / customer / buyer, to modify the content of the Website or to affect the performance of the server on which the Website is hosted (running) will be considered an attempt to defraud the Website and will be reported to the appropriate authorities, initiating criminal investigation against the person or persons who attempted it.

19.1. The contract concluded between Customers and Sellers as a result of the purchase of Products or Gift Cards Online is subject to Romanian law. In case of possible disputes between the Seller and the Customers / Buyers, they can address, as the case may be, the National Authority for Consumer Protection, or they can opt for amicable settlement or, if this is not possible, before the competent Romanian courts.

20.1. In order to ensure compliance with the conditions of access to the site and use of the services, the user must verify at each time of accessing the site the terms and conditions of use of the Site. Use of the Site and / or any services, even in the event of the user's failure to review the applicable terms and conditions, constitutes the user's express agreement to accept such terms.

20.2. For any non-compliance with this set of rules, comments, complaints or problems related to the Site, please write to us at:

21.1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, except for the UN purchasing law. For clients who do not enter into a contract for professional or commercial purposes, these laws shall apply only if the protection afforded by the mandatory provisions of the law of the State in which the client has his habitual residence is not withdrawn.

21.2. If the customer is a businessman, a legal person under public law, a natural person, regardless of the situation, the exclusive place of jurisdiction in the event of a contractual dispute is the competent court in the territory of the seller's place. The seller reserves the right to sue the contractor at his home or place of business.